Dr. Lisa Boyle


Program Director

Dr. Martha Pizzarello


Program Director

Center for Medical Aesthetics

At Center for Medical Aesthetics, our goal is to offer impeccable care and customer service. We strive to create an atmosphere in our private office which is comfortable and welcoming to our patients. Our highly experienced board-certified physicians and educated health care professionals are dedicated to making your visit to our office pleasant, educational, and comfortable. We are committed to providing personalized, high-quality health care enabling each patient to feel that their individual concerns have been heard and addressed.

Our practice is a proud member of Southern New England Healthcare for Women, a physician-led medical group. Rhode Island’s top OB-GYN physicians and specialists came together to form the Center for Medical Aesthetics and share in the mission of providing better, more coordinated care to patients. We are committed to our patients well-being and conduct business with integrity, respect, and compassion.

It is the complete experience we are proud to off­er our patients.

Our proud partners include: Lisa Boyle, MD, FACOG;  FACOG; A. Michael Coppa, MD, FACOG; Laina Crowthers, MD, FACOG;
Beata Dizoglo, MD, FACOG; Michelle Gange, MD, FACOG; Karen Mcgoldrick, MD, FACOG;  Martha Pizzarello, MD, FACOG;
Caitlin Saint-Aubin, MD, FACOG; Jane Sharp, MD, FACOG; Elizabeth Burchard MD, FACOG

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